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How do I know when my tyres are worn?

 Badly worn tyres are dangerous and will perform significantly worse when braking or cornering – so how can you tell if your tyres are worn out? The first thing you should do is have a quick overview of the entire tyre. While the average new passenger tyre has between 8-12mm of tread depending on the tyre’s size, the minimum standard is 1.5mm of tread. Less than this amount and you could actually be defected.

Measuring a tyre’s wear is a fairly simple process. Tyre manufacturers build a ‘tread wear indicator’ into all passenger and 4×4 tyres. This indicator can be found between the ridges of the tread of the tyre.

Sometimes these little ridges can be hard to find. If you can’t see the face of the tyre, manufacturers also mark the sidewall of the tyre with an arrow, or twi, or another defining mark to showcase where the indicators can be found.

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