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Essential Car Maintenance Checklist

We live in very busy times, with the average person trying to balance work, family, and a dozen other obligations. It seems very easy to neglect your car amidst all these demands. But it should not be so. No matter how busy you get, you should take proper care of your car.

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You wouldn’t want to enter a plane or roller coaster without knowing that someone had properly checked it, right? In the same vein, you should not neglect your car’s maintenance. Proper servicing and maintenance can extend your car’s lifespan, make it safer to drive, and reduce the possibility of needing expensive repairs.

Do you want to start maintaining your car better, but don’t know where to start? This basic car maintenance checklist can help you get started. Note that it is not a replacement for getting your car regularly checked and serviced by professional auto mechanics like Empire Mechanics and Tyres.

5 Basic Car Maintenance Checklists

The mechanism of cars keeps changing and improving by the day. These modern cars require proper maintenance, scheduled services, and repairs. However, there are still basic things you can check in your vehicle before you take it out for a drive. We have curated five checklists to check your car’s road worthiness.

#1 General Car Maintenance Checklist

  • Check the fluids in the car, like the engine oil and coolant system.
  • Check tyre pressure, tread wear, and tread depth.
  • Ensure you have a spare tyre, carjack, and an operational toolkit.
  • Ensure your car horn is working.
  • Check the engine light and replace any faulty external lights.
  • Ensure your seatbelts are working well.
  • Check windscreens and mirrors for cracks, and replace worn wiper blades.
  • Ensure your handbrake and brake pads will hold on a slope.

#2 Fluids Checklist

  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil check
  • Power steering pump fluid
  • Radiator coolant
  • Gearbox oil change
  • Clutch fluid for manual cars
  • Differential fluid
  • Windscreen washer fluid

#3 Lights Checklist

  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Hazard lights
  • Reverse lights
  • Park and Fog lights

#4 Tyres Checklist

  • Tyre pressure
  • Spare tyre
  • Treadwear and tread depth
  • The car jack and tool kit

#5 Other Car Maintenance Checklist

  • Check the car battery for corrosion near terminals.
  • Ensure the engine air filter is clean.
  • Check radiator hoses for leaks and cracks.
  • Ensure fan belts are not loose or squeaky.
  • Ensure all child seats are properly fitted.
  • Check for any unusual engine noises.

Prevention is always better than cure. With these checklists, you can ensure that your car’s major parts are always functioning optimally. It would also save you the trouble of major repairs due to neglect.

However, it is not everything you can maintain at home. If your checklist reveals that something is seriously wrong with your car, take it to the repair shop as soon as possible. At Empire Mechanics and Tyres, our professional mechanics will diagnose the problem and provide the best solution.

Essential Car Maintenance Tips

It is not enough to have the ultimate car maintenance checklist. You should know how to keep your car running smoothly. These tips can help you save money with better fuel efficiency, keep your car in top condition, and maintain a high resale value for your car.

#1 Read the Owner’s Manual

While this tip might be unexciting, it is the ultimate hack for keeping your car in peak condition. By reading the owner’s manual, car owners can learn a lot about their cars. The manual contains all the details you want to know, from which fluids to use to how to check your cabin air filter. Even if you will use professional maintenance, having this knowledge for yourself is essential.

#2 Change Your Car Fluids

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Different kinds of fluids go into your car to help it run smoothly, from your engine oil and windshield wiper fluid to automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Make sure your car has all the fluids and oils it needs. Ensure you are also using the right grade and weight of oil. Your manual provides the information you require on when to do an oil change.

#3 Use the Right Fuel

A higher octane level does not always translate to a better octane level. You should know and use the right octane fuel rating for your car. Using a higher octane level would only result in lower engine efficiency instead of better performance. Your manual should contain the best fuel rating for your car.

#4 Maintain Your Tyres Well

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The right tyre pressure can improve fuel efficiency and reduce regular tyre wear and tear. You can check your tyre pressure light to see if your car contains the sensor, or use a tyre gauge to check. Good pressure would also help your car’s proper alignment. Tyre rotation is another good tyre maintenance practice. With front and back tyres carrying different kinds of weight, tyre rotation would keep your car and wheels aligned and balanced.

#5 Pay Attention to Warning Lights

Warning lights can seem so annoying, especially when you don’t understand what the warning is for. That is why it is essential to understand what your car’s warning lights mean. Some warnings are not too serious, while others can be why your car breaks down on the roadside. The car’s manual will show you what the lights mean.

#6 Replace Your Engine Air Filter and Wipers

Your car’s engine air filter is like its lungs. It helps to keep out every dirt and debris that comes into the engine with air. With a cleaner filter, your car ‘breathes’ better, and you can save on fuel and accelerate better. New wiper blades can also save you the risk of getting into an accident because you can’t see in bad weather. Wipers are inexpensive and easy to replace, so you shouldn’t have any issues in this regard.

#7 Care for Your Car

Your car’s exterior is just as important as the mechanical parts of the car. Ensure you wash your car and maintain the paint body. You should also be nice to your car when driving. Don’t drive it carelessly if you want it to serve you for a long time. It is also essential to get professional maintenance and repairs for your car. It is not every fault that you can handle on your own.

Scheduled maintenance checks will ensure your car keeps working well over time. At Empire Mechanics and Tires, our professional car mechanics have an extensive range of skills to help you spot problematic issues quickly. Our services are also affordable and prompt.


Take care of your car; it won’t leave you stranded on the roadside. With our basic car maintenance checklist and tips, you can also ensure your car is in top shape before leaving the house. You can also pay us a visit at Empire Mechanics and Tires if your car is giving you trouble.

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